Explore (Grades 4-5)
The Explore program is for students in grades 4-5 who have been found to need extra challenges within and beyond the regular curriculum. Explore students meet with Mrs. Mose, our gifted program teacher, each Monday afternoon from 2:30 to 3:00 pm in the Student Services classroom to explore various topics, do critical thinking, and use technology to share their thoughts and creativity. While covering these topics, students learn STEM (science, engineering, technology, and math) skills and more.

Here are examples of Explore program topics:
Fibonacci Fun
Compose Yourself Music
How Did That Happen?
Logic, Media, Syllogisms, and Choplogic
Squishy Circuit Experiments
Making an Autobiographical Life Map
Sketchup Design and Geography
The Science of Candy
Making a Piano with Scratch and Makey-Makey
Computer Coding
Creative Photos Using Green Screen Technology
Digital Drawing

Explore students may receive additional services from the gifted program such as accelerated learning, "testing out" of some classroom work, referrals to programs outside the school for gifted students, and the like as necessary to meet their needs.