Discover (Grades 1-3)
The Discover program is for children in grades 1-3 who have been found to need extra challenges beyond the regular curriculum. These children generally meet for 45 minutes on Friday afternoons to explore topics at a deeper level. Here are examples of topics the Discover children have explored in past classes:
Penny Science
Grammar Rocks!
Kingdom Animalia
Marvelous Maps
Say It in Sign
Probability Puzzles
Christmas Around the World
Classic Tunes and Tales
The Magnificent Moon
The Super Storyteller
STEM Dominoes Challenges
Fun with Spanish
Brain Games
Presto Puppetry
Sketchup Design 
Action Fractions
Awesome Analogies
Computer Coding
Discover students may receive additional services from the gifted program such as accelerated learning, "testing out" of some classroom work, referrals to programs outside the school for gifted students, and the like as necessary to meet their needs.