Student Services (Special Education and Gifted Programs)

St. Mark’s Student Services Program exists to support students with unique learning needs. St. Mark has a full-time teacher, Mrs. Jane Mose, who is the Student Services Support Program Coordinator. Mrs. Mose has a master's degree in special education and multiple state licenses to work with students with a variety of special needs.

Parents and teachers can refer students who struggle academically for evaluation and extra help as needed. Individualized education programs are developed for students who will receive instruction in Student Services. Adaptive education plans are developed for students who need accommodations in the classroom due to disabilities or medical conditions.

Parents and teachers can also refer students who need more academic challenges to St. Mark’s gifted program. Students who qualify for this program may receive extra support in a variety of ways, such as differentiation within the classroom, individual or small group instruction at a higher or accelerated level, and/or participation in one of the afternoon pull-out programs called “Discover” (grades 1-3), "Explore" (grades 4-5), and “Quest” (grades 6-8). For more information on these pull-out programs, please click on the links below.

Each student at St. Mark is a precious gift from God. It is our prayer that, with God’s help, we will support all students so that they can fully use the gifts and abilities God has given them.

Download a copy of the Student Services referral form here.

Discover (Grades 1-3)
Explore (Grades 4-5)
Quest (Grades 6-8)