St. Mark received full WELSSA accreditation in September of 2006. Every year since, WELSSA has reviewed and granted St. Mark full accreditation status. As an accredited school, St. Mark believes students benefit from being in a school that knows itself thoroughly. Consequently, the students benefit when their school undergoes objective evaluation. The student will also benefit from being in a school that constantly strives for improvement. We believe that our school must show stability and continuous improvement in striving to reach these goals.

St. Mark has already been noted for meeting standards for…
•    defining appropriate educational goals and providing programs to achieve them;
•    maintaining a qualified faculty and an effective school organization;
•    assessing outcomes of school experiences and controlling the quality of educational programs;
•    responding to concerns of parents and needs of the school community;
•    providing for the continuity of its programs and planning for their future;
•    describing with accuracy the content of its services and programs;
•    developing plans and activities for continuous school improvement.

St. Mark is committed to continuing to meet these standards as well as exceed them