St. Mark uses an Internet-based system named Teacherease to communicate with parents. It allows parents to login and view student assignments, scores, etc. It also allows teachers to email parents when we have notable events in class (your child does outstanding work, gives good effort, misses an assignment, etc). Our hope is that improved communication with parents will result in greater academic achievement.

Teacherease Login
    How Do I Get Signed Up for TeacherEase
  • St. Mark will enter your email address into TeacherEase as written on your registration form. TeacherEase creates a parent account with access to your student(s). Your email address will be your login when accessing TeacherEase.

    TeacherEase will send a "welcome" email with login and password information to the parent. Once you receive this email, you should be able to login. If you haven't received this "welcome" email please contact school or technology director directly. 

    Parents can then use this login/password to access their student's information. Go to www.TeacherEase.com, click "Login", and fill in your information.